DreamCatcher Farm
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DreamCatcher Farm

3185 McGarvey Road  Inverary  ON  K0H 1X0

613-353-9004     ride@dreamcatcherfarm.ca      www.dreamcatcherfarm.ca

Job Position – Barn Assistant

Facility Profile

DreamCatcher Farm is set on 110 acres of rolling hills and sand rings.  At DreamCatcher Farm there are lots of areas to ride including 3 large 200 X  300 feet outdoor rings and an 80 X 120 foot indoor arena as well as miles of trails.  Our coaches are certified through Equine Canada and Sport Canada and bring years of experience and enthusiasm to all the programs.  We have a variety of levels of horses and ponies that we use in our programs that are safe but challenge the students as they progress with their riding skills.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at DreamCatcher Farm is to leave our clients a little more enriched through experiences with horses.  All our programs at the farm strive to create experiences that develop technical skills and are fun, and educational.  Through interaction with horses, students learn not only how to ride but develop confidence and gain skills in communication, problem solving, and leadership.

Our Mission

In order to execute our philosophy we strive to provide facilities and services that exceed our clients expectations.  Being friendly and courteous as well as knowledgeable is paramount to our success.  Keeping the facilities in good repair, immaculate and visually appealing is the second part of the formula for success and the third is offering programs and services that are unique, challenging, fun and fulfilling to our clients.

Standards of Excellence

As outlined in our mission, the primary goal is to have levels of service, products and facilities that exceed our client’s expectations.  It is our goal to maintain these standards continuously.  All of these standards for the various areas and job duties are outlined in a separate document called Standards of Excellence.  It is expected that each staff member maintain the level of Excellence in their specific job duties and services to our clients and as part of the DreamCatcher team.

Overview of Barn Assistant job position

The position of Barn Assistant is an important position at DreamCatcher Farm to assist in ensuring the well-being of the horses on the farm.  The position will assist in the basic day to day routine of the horses. The position is a flexible position that can either be during regular morning (8 – noon) or evening shift hours.(4 – 8 pm).  The Barn Assistant will have monthly reviews to ensure that the Standards of Excellence and level of job performance are maintained.

Job Duties

Each week or at the beginning of the shift, a brief meeting is held to outline the task list for the shift.

Task may include;

  • Applying or removing Blankets, boots and fly masks of indoor horses
  • Assist in the turnout or turn in of indoor horses
  • Check all water troughs to ensure functioning
  • Fill water troughs that are not automatic
  • Empty manure skips
  • Muck stalls
  • Shavings in stalls
  • Hay in stalls
  • Dump water buckets from stalls
  • Sweep barn
  • Tidy barn including feedroom and boarder tackroom
  • Rake/shovel doorways
  • Ensure no manure around barnyard and indoor
  • Rake hay barn
  • Decobweb barn
  • Scrub water buckets
  • Scrub feed pans
  • Scrub feed buckets
  • Scrub stall walls
  • Scrub cupboards and shelves in feedroom
  • Empty garbage in barn and indoor arena
  • Change kitty litter
  • Scrub outside water trough
  • Groom and trim school horses

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