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CaraCo Development Corporation
Décembre 27, 2018
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December 6, 2018
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Key Responsibilities
 Maintain and implement proper construction standards and quality control
 Manage the operations at the site and ensure the work is done properly
 Inform the Construction Manager of any errors, discrepancies or omissions contained within the Consultant’s design drawings
 Coordinate all activity between trades and suppliers
 Establish and maintain quality control measures on site
 Ensure the timely delivery of reports to Head Office, in order to maintain all legal requirements
 Provide schedule updates to the Construction Manager, on a regular basis
 Review project drawings and specifications
 Ensure inspections are completed periodically throughout the construction phases, to ensure buildings meet specifications of clients
 Oversee performance of all trade contractors and review architectural and engineering drawings to ensure accuracy and regulatory abidance.
 Maintain a daily construction journal
 Maintain individual construction files
 Maintain and store construction equipment, building materials, and other assets
 Manage the construction site from the outset, including setting up site office, access, site fencing etc.
 Assist in developing and maintaining construction, production schedule and site management plan
 Ensure accurate and timely project close date; adjust working schedules to ensure deadlines are met
 Assist with estimates and budget development for projects

Employees and Subcontractors Management
 Manage subcontractors, which may involve scheduling meetings with them
 Supervise the activities of all staff reporting to this position
 Motivate and guide staff through feedback, direction, and support
 Provide support to staff, to encourage teamwork and maintain a harmonious environment
 Work with Human Resources to train and retain qualified employees
 Ensure employees comply with company policies
 Resolve disputes with minimal need for escalation
Health and Safety Standards, Codes, Policies and Procedures
 Learn and practice CaraCo’s standard operating procedures
 Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations and CaraCo’s health and
safety policies
 Identify workplace hazards, in order to continuously improve the work environment and take every
reasonable precaution to protect self and others from health and safety hazards
 Report unsafe acts or hazardous or unhealthy conditions to management
 Use personal protective equipment protective devices or clothing required by the Employer
 Maintain a safe job site and ensure that the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act are enforced
 Participate in implementing the site safety plan, in consultation with the company safety consultants
 Provide guidance on how to work in a safer and efficient manner
 Aid in all safety-reporting functions

Skills & Experience / Compétences & expérience

 Theoretical and practical knowledge of building mechanical and structural systems, materials, and trade practices
 Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.
 Able to understand and interpret technical drawings and specifications
 Familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ontario Building Code
 Able to interpret trade codes
 Ontario Class "G" license
 Able to resolve disputes in high-pressure situations
 Able to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines

Behavioural Competencies
 Interpersonal skills
 Leadership skills
 Organizational skills
 Communication skills, including listening skills
 Problem-solving
 Time management
 Client focus

Education and Experience
 A minimum of five years’ work experience as a similar role
 Prior experience with construction projects such as condominium buildings, retirement homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, retail developments, large commercial buildings, commercial fit-ups and other similar projects
 Trade tickets, College or university degree in a construction-related field an asset
 Affiliation with signatory groups

Other requirements
 Own vehicle
 Valid driver's licence
 Employment is conditional on a clean criminal records check

Core Values
In order to achieve success, the CaraCo Development Corporation team must embrace certain core principles and values.
 We do the right thing
 We are accountable
 We treat everyone with respect
 We are committed to success

Working Conditions
 Travel at locations
 Some exposure to environmental conditions and exposure to seasonal weather, dirt, noise, heat, cold, and mechanical hazards
 Working at elevated heights

Comments / Commentaires

The CaraCo Group of Companies was founded in 1959 by Ann and Cornell “Case” Blommestyn as a building and renovating company called CJM Blommestyn Construction Ltd. As the company grew it diversified into the real estate industry, managing apartment buildings as well as constructing new homes in Kingston and area.

At the CaraCo Group of Companies, we’re proud to be locally owned with the highest reputation and a commitment to quality. Over the years, we’ve become known for our high-quality homes of all kinds and our award-winning customer service. CaraCo Development Corporation, CJM Property Management, CaraCo Property Management, and CaraCo Storage are the four current branches of the CaraCo Group of Companies, each with its own specialty. Our main branch is located in Kingston, Ontario and our USA division are in Deerfield Beach, Florida

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