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Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront
Janvier 10, 2019
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Mars le 02 2019
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2 Princess Street, Kingston, ON | K7L 1A2
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Directs and supervises food preparation for all food outlets of the hotel and ensures the highest level quality and consistency as relates to food handling, food quality and food presentations.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Plans all meals and menus for the food outlets and catered events.
  • Supervises food preparation to include methods, portion control and garnishing; ensure attractive presentation of all foods.
  • Assists food and beverage director, sales, and banquet staffs with banquets, social parties and special events.
  • Monitors expenses to keep within budgeted guidelines and assists the food and beverage services manager in developing the annual operating budget.
  • Schedules employees at proper staffing levels; watches labor cost daily to ensure efficiency in scheduling.
  • Requisitions food and equipment, giving specifications, quantities and quality descriptions.
  • Participates in monthly inventory verification and maintains adequate supplies.
  • Responds quickly to guest requests in a friendly manner. Follows up to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Provides a professional image at all times through appearance and dress.
  • Follows company policies and procedures and is able to effectively communicate them to subordinates.
  • Aggressively recruits and staffs department using company hiring standards (i.e. behavioral questioning, reference checks, evaluations and team interviews).
  • Conducts training classes regarding safety, security, department procedures and service guidelines.
  • Ensures kitchen is clean and sanitary and is in compliance with all federal, provincial and local laws, including health and safety, ESA and Human Rights.

Note:  Other duties as assigned by supervisor or management

  • Health and Safety:

Because safety is a management responsibility, department managers are held directly accountable for safe work practices and control of physical hazards in their areas.


  • Establish and enforce all safety policies and procedures. Ensure that an employee complies with OHSA and its regulations.  Correct any employee who is observed breaking a safety rule.  Any employee who continues to violate safety rules should be disciplined immediately.
  • Detect and eliminate, or report for correction, all physical hazards and unsafe conditions immediately by completing a safety work order. Perform random checks on a monthly basis and report deficiencies to the appropriate personnel.
  • Conduct orientation for all new employees before they start work. If possible, have a member of the Health and Safety Committee meet with the new employee (as part of the orientation or at a later date).  Ensure that new employees receive instruction (verbal and written) on WHMIS, the unique hazards of their jobs, accident reporting, CPR and first aid, back injury prevention techniques, procedures to follow in the event of fire, and current property safety awareness programs.
  • Re-instruct all regular employees who develop unsafe work practices as soon as possible after such practices are observed.
  • Ensure that all employees use or wear any equipment, protective devices or clothing required under the Health & Safety Program.
  • Investigate all employee accidents thoroughly and immediately. Get the facts from the injured worker and witnesses and fill out necessary accident report forms promptly and completely.  These forms should then be submitted to Human Resources for processing.
  • Insist on good housekeeping and enforce the “Clean As You Go” practice.
  • Maintain active involvement in the accomplishment of the accident prevention and reduction objective. Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of employees.


Internal:  Sales: Pricing of sales promotions, handling of special accounts

Engineering: Maintenance and repair of kitchen equipment

Food and Beverage Staff: Training, Purchasing and Operations

 External:  Vendors: Ordering equipment and food

Professional Associations: To stay current on trends and procedures

Health Department: Kitchen Inspections

Skills & Experience / Compétences & expérience

Education/ Experience: Culinary School degree or equivalent work experience. Special consideration will be given to those who exhibit exemplary performance.

Certification and/or License Requirement: Alcohol awareness certification and/or food service permit as required by local or provincial government agency. Food Service certification as required by franchise.

Leadership Skills.
Strong oral and written communications skills.
Attention to detail.
Planning and organizational ability.
Customer Service.

Working Conditions:
Will be required to work nights, weekends and holidays.
Will be required to work in fast paced, stressful environment.
At times, especially in summer months, temperatures rise
causing the work environment to reach very warm
temperature levels.

Physical/ Cognitive Activities:

This description of physical and mental activities is not intended to describe essential job functions. Rather, its purpose is to give the job applicant a feel for the physical and mental activities of the job to the end that an applicant with a disability can determine whether he or she will be able to do this job either with or without


A significant portion of time will be spent moving about the kitchen, handling various products and utensils, lifting of up to 50 pounds and interacting with staff and outside contacts.

The majority of time will be spent planning the sequence of operation and organizing the work of others.

Reading and writing skills are used while reviewing event orders, compiling menus, requisitioning items and reviewing the budget.

This person needs to be able to speak clearly to staff using problem-solving, reasoning, training and counseling skills.

Organizational Structure:

• Reports to: General Manager and indirectly to the Food and
Beverage Services Manager

• Subordinates: Sous Chef, Line Cooks, Warewashers

• Job title also known as: Chef, Kitchen Manager

This job description is a general representation of the duties and responsibilities; it may be modified at an individual hotel based upon business necessity.

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