Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario, Conseil régional des Mille-Îles
Kingston General Hospital
Janvier 6, 2019
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January 31 2019
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76 Stuart Street Kingston Ontario K7L 2V7
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Primary functions include, but are not limited to:  receiving, storage, & distribution of food & other supplies; preparation and portioning of food; meal selection taking; tray assembly; meal delivery; and cleaning tasks & dishwashing.  Performs all related quality assurance and sanitation duties as per established procedures and WHMIS guidelines.

Within this role the employee is accountable for contributing to the delivery of the Kingston Health Sciences Centre strategy.  As an employee, one must demonstrate an awareness of and be responsible for actively promoting and supporting patient and family centered engagement and care in all we do.


  • Portions food items for service, as required according to production sheets.   Prepares sandwiches, cold plates, salads, & texture-modified fluids.  Prepares specialized tube feedings and formulas.
  • Obtains patient meal selections using established list of options for each patient. Assembles trays and re-therms meals according to tray tickets provided. Transports, distributes and retrieves food and related products to the correct patient.
  • Stores and rotates all received products in proper storage areas.  Assembles requisitions for various departments in the hospital.  Assembles frozen products for tempering according to established quotas. Communicates directly to supervisor on duty any pertinent information involving product inventory levels or issues affecting quality of all products.
  • Cleans department floors by sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, & scrubbing.  Cleans & sanitizes vents, tables, counters, other surfaces, sinks, & washrooms within department.  Removes & transports food waste & other department waste & recyclables.
  • Communicates with nursing units, and all departmental personnel in a positive and informative manner, respecting patient confidentiality at all times.
  • Adheres to the worker responsibilities as set out in the Occupational Health & Safety Act, hospital safety policies, and dept/unit established procedures at all times.  Where possible, take corrective action to address a hazard, otherwise report the unresolved hazard, dangerous circumstance, unsafe situation to self, other co-workers or the community, to their supervisor.   Should the employee suffer a workplace injury or illness, he/she will advise their supervisor; actively participate in identifying and resolving the underlying cause(s), and participates in early and safe return to work as per Workplace Safety & Insurance Act.
  • Understands and is familiar with all pertinent KGH policies and procedures including those relating to workplace conduct. Complies with the KGH Commitment to uphold the Workplace Conduct and Reporting of Inappropriate Conduct policy and behaves in a manner that is consistent with the guiding principles and expectations.

Skills & Experience / Compétences & expérience

Grade 12 or equivalent.
Current Food Handlers Certificate which must be maintained throughout employment period.
Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently.
Demonstrated good communication skills including a polite, tactful manner.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Recent hospital, food service, or customer service experience required.
Proven ability to attend work regularly.
Satisfactory criminal reference check required.

The applicant must be able to meet the physical requirements of the position.