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Sales Rep
35-45 hr//Day , Evening
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Requested skills

We are looking for the candidacy of passionate, dynamic, highly motivated people with the following requirements:

- Have experience in market development

- Have a strong interest in the sale

- Possess experience as a self-employed or contractor

The ideal candidate will also have a strong work ethic, professional integrity, strong interest in sales and a real passion for the customer approach.


In addition of your basic commissions and bonuses, non-refundable financial support of up to $100 000 ($25,000 per year for 4 years) is available to help you start business.

To spotlight production excellence we celebrate our Top Achievers with the Leaders Conference and Prestige club, where you and your guest will enjoy 5 star luxury in exotic locations such as Italy, France, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico and Hawaii.

Financial independence means freedom.  We recognize your career excellence with bonuses to enhance your income and renewals to guarantee your security.  Many successful first year agents achieve significant earnings and this is just the beginning.

Set your sights on a career without boundaries, and rewards that surpass your expectations.

Work Experience: 0-2 Years

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