Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario, Conseil régional des Mille-Îles
G4S Secure solutions (Canada) Ltd.
March 11, 2019
Duration / Durée
Other Category / Autre catégorie
Salary / Salaire
$14.00- $20.00
Hours / Heures
Start Date / Date de rentrée
How to Apply / Comment appliquer
By Email/ Par courriel
Please Specify / Veuillez spécifier (e.g.
Advertised until / Annoncé jusqu'au
April 5, 2019
Company Phone / Téléphone de la compagnie
Company Address / Adresse de la compagnie
2437 Princess St
City / Ville


Main Responsibilities:
As a Security Guard with G4S, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring our client's safety and security. You will use your communication and interpersonal skills, coupled with the ability to remain calm under pressure, to think quickly on your feet and maintain a professional manner. Our Security Guards must always project a
professional image for our clients.

As a G4S Security Guards, you have been carefully screened according to qualifications, experience, talents and overall disposition for the job you will be performing. You will be expected to patrol and inspect property to prevent and respond to fire, theft, vandalism, illegal activity, and any other threats to safety and security. You will be responsible for the protection of people, property, facilities and information. You will use various forms of communications and you will be expected to write reports outlining observations and activities during assigned shifts.

Specific Duties Performed and Essential Functions
Recognize the importance of all customers and the role every G4S Employee plays in influencing our
client’s and their customers’ perceptions. While engaged in security operations, it is a G4S employee’s
Location: Kingston, ON, Canada

responsibility to be professional, reliable, credible, responsive and friendly while maintaining a
professional security posture.
Ensure that all safety and emergency procedures are followed in response to fire alarms and or site
Demonstrate an active interest in promoting safety consciousness in the workplace.
Respond and react to any and all emergency situations that may occur at the workplace and client
facilities within the scope of a G4S security guard.
Maintain complete, accurate and up to date, patrol notes, incident reports and information management
system (Secure Trax®, RISK360TM or similar) entries as required.
Maintain the client’s property and facilities in accordance with local trespass legislation, property acts
and/or other laws effecting a client’s property.
Other security-related duties as assigned from time to time by G4S client’s and G4S management.
Physical Requirements and Environment: Environment: Varies, Office, Shopping Concourse, Interior and
Exterior Patrols, Mechanical Areas and Parking facilities