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Myles Ormsbee Renovation & Repair
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November 30, 2019
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This is principally renovation work within houses and small repairs both inside and outside them. House exterior and yard work is also done but not as often. This job services a group of home owners and involves doing all the things they want changed or fixed about their buildings.

Skills & Experience / Compétences & expérience

I am looking for a person who is proficient in those trades which are used to build a house. A carpenter's license would be good but not mandatory. I am looking for someone who is personable and can meet and deal with customers on their own.

Other Comments / Autres commentaires

I would expect to see some version of a resume, and I would be particularly interested in the extent of your experience and where you have done work.

Comments / Commentaires

The work locations are predominately within the 'city' areas of Kingston.

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