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1. Give a short summary of the duties and responsibilities of your job.

The incumbent promotes the key messages of Queen’s University across a wide range of target audiences (e.g. prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, affiliates, government agencies, etc.) as part of the Integrated Communications team within University Relations.
• Collaborates with the University Relations digital team to develop and maintain an integrated campaign theme for the Queen’s University brand across various projects.
• Translates key messages into visual assets across integrated campaigns (i.e. print, video, advertising, social media platforms, thumbnails, web, digital, iconography, outdoor and trade show materials, PowerPoint templates, keynote presentation, visuals, etc.).
• Reviews the designs with the Director, Brand & Audience Insight and upon approval, follows through with the development and modification of designs through to the final artwork and prepares the final layouts for printing/upload/application.
• Ensures production control of the final layouts, including scheduling, time tracking, and prioritizing workload and maintaining detailed project lists.

Together with the Director, the incumbent assists other departments across the university work within the unified brand architecture and identity guidelines.
• Ensures that all design concepts for the faculties and various institutes/centres within Queen’s adhere to the guidelines and are compliant with the relevant legislation (e.g. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act).
• Reviews the integrated communications brand guidelines as directed and updates the visual identity guides as required.
• On an annual basis, updates the design templates for print media (newsletters, signage, recruiting guides, event flyers, invitations, etc.) and digital media (presentation slides, website graphics, splash pages, banner ads, flash, etc.) used by departments across the university, ensuring that the designs/templates work in all formats.
• Assists with the graphic elements of video production for promotional videos and maintains an archive of images, photos and previous work products
• If requested, attends events to perform photography and/or video of the proceedings.

Lastly, the incumbent provides support and assistance to the University Relations department on an as-needed basis.

Job Description
2. To fulfil your duties, what knowledge, skills and specialized techniques are required? How would each be normally acquired? How long would it take to become proficient in each of the areas of your work?

This position requires the completion of a 3-year Graphic Design program from a college or university that includes a high level of creativity and familiarity with all aspects of print production and how design is translated to a digital environment, or equivalent training plus experience.

The following skills and abilities are acquired through a minimum of 3-5 years’ experience:
• Skilled in major publishing and graphic design applications, including QuarkXPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Web Publish, Word Press, and Adobe Acrobat
• A sound working knowledge of MS Office Suite (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• Familiarity with basic web design and content management
• Strong organizational skills to produce and manage graphic design initiatives from conception to the final artwork, including production and pre-press details
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, with some requiring greater discretion; while most projects can be recurring on an annual basis, many arise with a short timeline for completion.
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to think creatively
• Strong written and oral customer-focused communication skills
• Ability to problem solve when responding to program, client or supplier needs

The incumbent must maintain their knowledge of new developments in the areas of graphic design and marketing by reviewing all available sources of information, including articles, competitive websites, attending conferences, etc. This also includes monitoring and recommending new software developments that may enhance design execution across various platforms.

3. Is it necessary in this position to oversee the work, or to instruct other staff? If so, what does this involve?

The incumbent coordinates production schedules on a variety of projects. The incumbent also shares expertise with colleagues on design techniques and trends, which may take the form of ad hoc guidance. Advice may occasionally be sought, especially regarding other people’s desired application of official brand identity standards. This position does not oversee the work of others.

4. What other people must you deal with in this job and why? (i.e. is there direct contact with students, teaching staff, other departments, and people outside the university community).

The incumbent works mainly within the Integrated Communications team within University Relations and may occasionally interact with internal university clients on specific recurring projects, freelance designers, or attend meetings with others across the university.

5. How is your work assigned to you and how closely is your work checked by someone else?

The AVP, Integrated Communications, sets the overall goals, key messages, and timelines for the team. The Director provides work direction to the incumbent based on these goals, and under general supervision, the incumbent must align visual creation to key messages, offer a few options before moving to final development, and prioritizes multiple demands.

6. a) Are the sorts of problems encountered in this job usually covered by established procedures or do you frequently have to develop or invent solutions to problems yourself?

There are standard principles that Graphic Designers apply to each project, as well as the requirement to work within the official University Brand Guidelines. Working within those principles, the incumbent frequently uses problem-solving skills to determine the appropriate design, format and structure of collateral material as well as making recommendations for developing and modifying it based on the needs of the client and the relevant legislation (e.g. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities). Problems beyond those that fall under traditional graphic design principles are discussed with and approved by the Director.

b) Are you involved in establishing standard procedures? (Give examples)

The incumbent is involved in establishing specific production procedures for publications, including scheduling and style guides, in addition to providing input when developing design concepts, templates and brand guidelines with the broader University Relations team.

7. a) What is the size of your department (i.e. #of classes for which you are involved with labs., # of students, # of staff you might come in contact with, # of technicians in department).

The incumbent reports to the Director, Brand & Audience Insight and is a member of the broader Integrated Communications team consisting of approximately 19 staff, Integrated Communications is one area within University Relations. The incumbent works on various university-wide initiatives and most of the incumbent’s interactions will be within University Relations, except on recurring campaigns, where there is limited interaction with staff across the various faculties and units.

b) What kind of equipment or material are you responsible for? Are you solely responsible for it and what is its approximate value?

The incumbent works with department computers, external backup hard drives, printers, photo scanners, a colour calibrator, etc. with an approximate value of $15,000.

8. Give details of any unusual factors affecting this job? i.e. hazards, unusual working conditions, requirement for a high degree of manual dexterity etc.

• Working on the computer requires manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, as well as many hours viewing a computer monitor. Possibility of eyestrain, back, neck or wrist strain.

9. Do you have any general comments about this position which may not be covered by the preceding questions?

The above is an accurate description of the basis of my job and its minimum requirements.
In addition to the responsibilities above, I participate in discussions on strategy and I contribute to the conception of University marketing messaging.

10. Does the information provided on this questionnaire accurately describe the duties and responsibilities of your position?

Yes ____x___ No _______