Podcast #6: The Daily Life of Francophone, Anglophone, and Multilingual Families

Available February 02, 2020

What are the challenges of being a language minority family in Kingston? What services are available to Francophone and Multilingual Families? How are these services lacking and impacting the daily lives of Francophone and Multilingual Families? How do Francophone and other non-English speaking families from French engage with the community that surrounds them? How does being a Canadian Armed Forces member or military spouse compound these impacts? Our panelists , Sylvain Morel , Kassondra Walters, and Laurence Simard-Gagnon whom all work closely with diverse families in Kingston will share their insight about daily life of families in Kingston.

The Daily life of Francophone, Anglophone, and Multilingual Families

by ACFOMI | One City, Two Realities: Discussions between Francos & Anglos 50 Years After the Official Languages Act

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Sylvain Morel

Sylvain Morel


Sylvain Morel, a Franco-Ontarian native of Chelmsford, began his teaching career in 1996. He had the opportunity to teach in the British and American systems in the Middle East from 1998 to 2003. He loves to travel, having had the chance to visit about twenty countries to date. He married in 2002 to a woman abroad who immigrated to Canada with him a year later. They currently have two bilingual children who attend French-language schools. After being Vice-Principal for various schools since 2010 in Toronto, Whitby and Kingston, he is now Principal of l’École secondaire publique Mille-Îles since 2018.

Kassondra Walters

Kassondra Walters


Kassondra Walters is a graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College with a diploma in International Business. She has held various positions in business development and administration in both the private and public sectors in a wide variety of industries; including environmental engineering, IT, software, staffing & recruitment, real estate, and non-profit. She brings her skill set to the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (KMFRC) as the Community Engagement and Information Coordinator, where she helps connect Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families to resources that meet their unique needs in the community.

Laurence Simard-Gagnon

Laurence Simard-Gagnon


Laurence Simard-Gagnon holds a PhD in geography from Queen’s University. Her thesis explored experiences of Francophone mothers who migrated to Kingston, Ontario. Anchored in an intersectional approach, she investigated the impacts of migration and minority-language in the lives of these women, particularly: in their relationships to paid work; in their visions of child care, education, and cultural transmission; in their perceptions of the city and of their life in Kingston; and in their horizons of future possibilities.

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