Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario, Conseil régional des Mille-Îles

Resources and Information

ACFOMI Employment Services has a variety of tools to make your job search easier:


  • Internet-ready computers, fax, photocopier and printer
  • Wide range of information targeting local companies, including their characteristics and job opportunities
  • Daily updated job boards, newspapers and reference books
  • Information on community resources such as schools, volunteering, language lessons, etc.
  • Job search workshops
  • Qualified staff that constantly provide assistance to meet the needs of job seekers

On-Site Workshops

Resume Services
Trends and perceptions of resumes are changing. At ACFOMI Employment Services we can help in the preparation and updating of your resume (in French and/or English).

Today, employers increasingly perceive the resume as a promotional tool, rather than a document summarizing the candidate’s employment. Time spent reading a resume is very limited, it is therefore significant that the information presented is appropriate and accurate in order to maximize its impact.

Your resume is your most important tool while looking for employment. In this workshop you will learn what important guidelines are needed to make your resume more engaging.

Summary of workshop:

  • Creating your resume from start to finish
  • Having a powerful Summary of Qualifications
  • Important action phrases to capture an employer’s attention
  • Clear and concise explanations of past work experiences
  • Which style of Resume best suits your current needs
Cover Letters

Like the resume, the perception of the cover letter is also changing in the world of recruitment and is more and more required by employers. For them, it is a motivational letter. A resume without a cover letter may be viewed as incomplete. The cover letter shows the personality of the candidate and tells the potential employer that they are looking at the ideal candidate’s resume. Writing a catchy letter with real impact is an art. The cover letter may be your only chance to make an impression!

Summary of Workshop:

  • What are the characteristics of a good Cover Letter?
  • Steps to finding what to include in your Cover Letter
  • Formatting/saving your Cover Letter: Microsoft Word vs PDF
Job Search

It is well known that a very small percentage of job offers are published. The majority of available jobs are found through networking and byword of mouth. This is why knowledge of the local labour market will allow job seekers to establish their own contacts. Effective job search will allow them to better target employers likely to be interested in their qualifications and to hire them. 

Summary of Workshop:

  • Why job search?
  • Job Seeker’s checklist from A-Z
  • Networking effectively to create important connections
  • Creating an effective elevator speech
Social Network: LinkedIn

Social media is increasingly present in the job and recruitment markets. Employers and headhunters are using these new digital resources to search for new talent. Many of them search online profiles to find information about potential candidates before asking for an interview. They can obtain valuable and quality information on the candidates. Therefore, knowing how to effectively use social media becomes very beneficial, especially when looking for work.

Summary of Workshop:

  • Professional profiles vs Personal profiles
  • Advantages of networking through social networks
  • Creating a profile
  • Navigating the Job Board
    Interview Strategies

    The job interview can be very stressful . However, when we are prepared, it may have just the opposite effect!

    There are several aspects to consider when preparing for an interview: personal aspects, skills, type of questions, possible traps to avoid, scenarios, references, etc.

     Summary of Workshop:

    • Strategies to navigate through those difficult interview questions
    • Identifying nervous habits
    • Different types of interview
    Career Cruising

    Thinking of changing careers? Unsure of what acquired skills would be beneficial? This workshop is designed to help navigate job searching, taking into account personal skills and exploring options for a new career! 

    Summary of Workshop:

    • Online questionnaire to help determine potential career paths
    • Exploration of suggested careers: salary, hours, required education
    • Available opportunities in each suggested field

    Événements / Events

    1. Interview Strategies

      20 November @ 10:00 - 11:00
    2. Have fun & support your local francophone community!

      22 November @ 12:00 - 16:00
    3. How to become a Canadian Citizen

      25 November @ 16:30 - 17:30
    4. Resume with Impact

      4 December @ 10:00 - 11:00

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